I started my modeling journey in 2015 and have been full-time since 2016. Publications include Vogue Italia, Volition Magazine, Dark Beauty, and more. My modeling work for photographers and painters is often featured in gallery exhibitions, most notably The Phillips Collection Museum (Washington, DC) and Last Rites Gallery (Manhattan).

With the exception of the images by Capitol Bombshell, I created the styling and hair/makeup for all images in my portfolio and also occasionally create my own clothing for shoots.

As a part-time photographer and photography instructor as well, I have knowledge of lighting and cameras and am happy to assist beginning photographers on their journey into model photography.

My limits:

  1. Please feel free to review my portfolio to see my posing limitations, however to clarify: I do not pose for erotic content of any kind which includes but is not limited to: Real or implied sexual content, sexual facial expressions, etc, nor do I pose for content that exposes genitalia regardless of whether or not the content is perceived as erotic.

  2. Grooming practices cannot be altered for a specific shoot therefore requests to grow out armpit hair, cut hair, etc. will not be considered.

  3. Under no circumstances do I pose for POV (Point of View) concepts.

  4. I do pose for lighter fetish concepts including latex fashion, cuffs, collars, harnesses, hoods, etc., however I do not pose for hardcore fetish.

  5. Posing with other models is welcomed, but only with other professional models, no exceptions. Before confirming shoot I will need to see the other model’s portfolio to determine my ability to pose with them. Under no circumstances are photographers to ask to pose with me.

  6. Unless given permission and depending on content, no posing in active places of worship out of respect for whichever religion is practiced in said place of worship.

  7. No posing in cemeteries.

  8. Projects at abandoned locations are welcomed but not in locations that have a particularly tragic history. Also no posing at abandoned locations in populated cities as the risk for squatters and other dangerous activity is much higher.

  9. No nude videography. Exceptions made if a casting director or another professional in the film industry is interested in hiring me as an actress. My ability to accept the project would, of course, depend on the type of film project and the quality of work being produced.

To book with me or for any further questions about my limits and policies, please reach out to msdakotasnow@gmail.com or you can also contact me via Instagram. Please feel free to read my booking policies below:

  1. Payment made either the day of or before the shoot. Exceptions made only for campaigns and multi-day projects and on a case-by-case basis. Model release signed at time of payment.

  2. Time starts as soon as I arrive at location and am makeup ready, regardless of if the lights are ready and the cameras are ready. For body painting and shoots that require a makeup and hair team, rate can be flexible.

  3. Standard US rates: $115 per hour with a 2 hour minimum, $400 half day and $750 full day. I am flexible with my rate and try to work with a variety of budgets for photoshoots local to the DMV, PA, and NYC areas, however any shoots where I travel outside of the 5 boroughs in the NYC area require higher travel costs thus making it harder to be flexible with my rate. I am also flexible on my rate for multi-day projects.

  4. Standard International rates: My rates internationally are varied and depend on the country in which I am booked. For inquiries outside of the United States, it is best to send a message to discuss payment.

  5. Rates for working with painters, illustrators, sculptors, etc vary widely and depend on the project. For private live modeling sessions, rates typically start at $25 per hour and for reference material my rate is higher and depends on your specific needs. I do model for classes as well, however posing for classes is less frequent.

  6. Cancellation policy is as follows: Less than 7 days for travel outside of the Washington, DC and NYC area: 50% of agreed compensation will be due. For shoots local to the NYC and DC area, no cancellation fee is required within this time frame.
    -Less than 48 hours: for travel work, 100% of the compensation will be due. For shoots local to the DMV, PA, and NYC area, 50% compensation will be due.
    -Day of, regardless of location: 100% of the compensation will be due.

    The only exception to my cancellation policy would be severe inclement weather that creates a safety issue for driving. 

    -When booking me, you are agreeing to these terms.  This is my career, please respect it as such.